This is Orpheus, he is my puppy. His birthday is March 8, 2013. No matter what shampoo I use to bathe him, he smells like candy. He’s a Labrador/Rottweiler mix, but hates the water. We just got him to like sprinklers. He loves going down slides. When we got him, I was in a depressed state, probably suicidal.

My boyfriend’s stepmother wants us to put him in a pound by Monday, the 22nd.

The thing is, this woman, Jennifer. She hates us. We’ve tried reasoning with her, but all she does is drink and treat us terribly for the past three weeks we’ve been staying here. She’s screamed at me for crying because I miss home, she’s screamed at us for not asking her questions about herself, and she absolutely hates this dog because he makes us happy, and she can’t stand that. She’s been trying to run us out of the house her husband (my boyfriend’s dad) owns, because she doesn’t like us. She’s made racist remarks at us, specifically about our job search, and has severely damaged my emotional health. We were able to deal with it right up until she started beating our dog. She locks him in a kennel for 8-10 hours a day while we’re looking for jobs and working, doesn’t feed him at all for that time, and doesn’t let him out to just walk around the house. She has smeared his face in his own urine after she terrified it out of him by screaming.

She is in no way a nice person.

So I’m turning to you, tumblr. I don’t know what else to do. I’m fighting for this dog and one of the only ways I know how is by posting this. I’m sorry that I’m asking so much of you guys, but I really need help. There is a Paypal at the bottom of my page, but obviously, I only want donations if you can spare it. Please do not give me your money for food or other necessities. Even a penny will help. Even a reblog will help. Even advice will help, God knows I need it.

I desperately need this dog. I’m healthier in mind and body because of him. He boosts my self esteem and makes me happy. He makes me get up in the mornings. He gets me to walk because he and I need the exercise. But with a Wal-Mart job and someone looking for a job, we can only fight so much.

Our current plan is to ask money from family to go back to my parents’. It’s the only plan we have.

I need your help, tumblr. Or these pictures and that video are all I have left of him.

Edit: Guys! We have enough to go home, and we are pursuing that with the utmost speed. Currently, we have been in a car crash, so we’re still trying to get home, but my parents are coming to get us. Orpheus is okay from the crash—he buried himself in stuffed animals, and we recovered him.

We would appreciate any donations, but again, please only donate if you don’t need it.